Anyone got a 2f laying around?

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Apr 21, 2011
Batesville, Arkansas
I'm gonna halfway start looking for a 2f and 4 speed for my '67. It's got the F135 now but I'm not sure it's gonna hang on much longer.
Will any 4 speed mate with any 2f?
Tireguy87 said:
Will any 4 speed mate with any 2f?

Mine had a 2F in it prior to the small block. I am not guru enough to answer. Not sure what you mean by "any"
I'm not either. I just kinda figured throughout the years there may be different spline counts and what not.

Basically I mean could I buy your '77 4 speed and mate it to lets say an '84 2f?
i saw somewhere that your in russellville.. I am as well, and have a 84 fj60 parts truck with a 2f and 4 speed i have taken the header/intake and carb off the motor but it was running when parked.. if your still looking, holler, but you would need to pull it.. thanks Dave

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