Anyone from Seattle/Spanaway heading to Eastern, WA?

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Aug 8, 2003
I am looking for a way to get 4 wheel/tires from Spanaway to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho as soon as anyone happens to be coming this way. I'll pay $75 for gas and your time to pick them up, then meet you over here. Even if you're just going to Moses Lake, or Spokane, or whatever - we can work something out. PM me at your convenience.


Great, thanks! I don't know if the seller will be tired of waiting by then though, so keep me posted if you pull the trip forward for any reason.

he said he would be willing to go get them and store them for you :bang:
Good point. Brandon - thanks for the offer of getting and storing them. I'll need to have them sooner than June, as my wifey's driving around on the winter tires. So, still hoping someone is coming this way.

lol... hey Doug its Aaron. Brandon and I are friends- same hometown.

Per the email I just sent you I might be headed to ML this weekend or next. Brandon, if you head that way before me... better for Doug!? I'm not desperate for the money, but could use the room. Plus if I get them to ML I could have someone "store" them til you get a chance to make it there- I know you said you had a busy weekend- Aaron

Thanks for the wheels/tire and also for helping make that happen. We had a great hike in ML and a pleasant drive both ways. The tires are already in use.


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