Anyone figure a fix to adjust the factory high beams ONLY? (1 Viewer)

Aug 8, 2003
Well, it turns out Mr. Safety who's always meticulous about his lighting and aiming and cleaning and all matters lumen was slacking off. Tonight I put them on the garage door and winced. You chaps are right. Last summer when I took them off, I must have put them back on and figured the alignment was good. The several events I mention in my first post here should have alerted me. The driver's was way too high and the passengers was about right.

Atop this grievous error, the left high beam bulb was not properly seated, and the right high beam bulb was rotated into an incorrect position. As Desmo points out, these HIR bulbs need to have their tabs clipped to fit and I must have gotten too casual and clipped them too much as I've been through about 6 pairs of them over the decades with two Cruisers. If you clip too much, the three tabs will fit into whatever slot you please.

So, user error, though I still think the high beams could be adjusted lower a tweak and if the broken lamp comes available, I'll pay for the ride and figure out a fix. In the meantime, a shout out and apology to the 1000 drivers or so up here who were polite enough not to flash me with an HIR low beam pointed at their windshields. Argh. I'm the person I never wanted to be on the roads now!

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