Anyone ever tried Vanagon seats in an FJ60?

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Aug 17, 2009
I remember them being comfortable and I like the armrests. I just put new SOR foam in my driver seat and while it's comfortable, it makes me sit a bit too high. I'm just considering some options.
I have become recently fixated on seats and am trying to source a good solution for my 60. The SOR foam and fabrics are ridiculously expensive - you can get new seats for the material cost to restore two buckets from SOR. I am also sick of the stock 60 seats, lets face it they suck for comfortability.

There are TONS of car seats super cheap on craigslist - I was thinking about VW Jetta seats for mine - they are incredibly comfortable and firm, check out CL - I bet you can find Honda CRV seats or other "armrest" type seats there for sure. Most difficult issue will be fitting the track on to the seat but thats an issue with any seat.

For new seats that are reasonably cheap look at procar - Procar by Scat - Summit racing has best prices on them, i like the small pro 90 buckets with the headrest but the seat looks thick so they may be too tall for you - what is nice is you can get the seat in raw foam and cover it the way you want.

Also look at Corbeau seats - I dont know much about the company but they look like a Carro knock off - but Carrao's are about 2000$ each!

Like I said seats have become sort of an obsession for me!

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