Anyone ever towed a 60 Series with a U-Haul car hauler?

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Feb 28, 2004
Divide, Colorado
I am moving across country this summer and considered hauling the 60 with my full size GMC truck since I have 3 cars to move and I don't trust those auto transport companies. The Web site says that the weight limit of the vehicle cannot exceed 4,000 pounds. Anyone done this and had any flack from U-Haul about the 4,300 # weight of an FJ60/62? Mine is probably closer to 5,000 # with the suspension, winch, etc.

Here's a pic of the setup I am talking about (minus the Honda Accord):
Pull a cruiser

I towed an 87 FJ60 with my 2002 Tacoma.

After seeing that link & pics.
I would recommend not pulling your cruiser.
I guess I was lucky (mine was a dolly/front 2-wheels on the trailer)
i tried

when i bought my 60 a year ago i tried to rent a similar trailer but u-haul won't allow here is what i did,went to another u-haul and rented a tow doly (front tires only) i did tell them that it is a smal toyota that i'm hauling about 25 miles (yes i lied)i did drive my wifes 95 mitsu montero to tow it and i made it w/ no issues.i don't suggest doing this just in case something could go wrong.tow truck was going to charge me 80 bucks and i was short on cash at that time.:doh: john
Ask KliersLC if it's a good idea.
I thought about doing the uhaul thing but some of their trailers are pretty beat. They also dont reccomend it they say Land Cruiser to heavy
Yeah, the whole Uh@*l thing doesn't sound like such a good idea. :frown:

I had a real bad experience with one of their rentals - no rollover, just equipment failure that left me high and dry. :crybaby:
just did it. 2004 F250 and a uhaul trailer. 60MPH the whole way. It literally was a joke. Ask Cruiser007 how sacry it was. Should you drive too fast and have too little pulling it, well that's another story.
I would check into a car hauler. There are good and bad ones just like in every business. By the time you figure in gas and trailer rental you will spend as much or more. I used to buy cars for a large autogroup and used transports all of the time. two to three loads a week. There are several large auto auctions in Dallas with transports leaving every day. I dont know where your moving but if its not large you can get it shipped to another auction in a town close and drive it home. Sticking it on a full load with 6 other trucks will make it inexpensive. You will run much less risk than putting it on a undersized car hauler.
Drive it and then Mudship yourself back across the country and get your other vehicles.

U-Haul is looking out for you.

I rented one of thier Heavy Duty tow dollies for my 60 and did not have any problems. I was upfront and honest about what I was going to haul and they got me one of thier heavy duty Tow dollies for it. I pulled it with a loaded 26' Penske truck and I could still feel it behind me.
Hauling a 60 on a flat bed trailer behind a 3/4 or 1 tom truck is fine.

If you do not have a big enough truck, it is a poor idea.

Most of the U haul trailers are not designed for the weight of a 60..
Hauled one with it 6 months ago went 60 miles with no problem. Used a suburban to pull with and cruised at 60 mph. The only thing I would make sure you do is put a strap or come along on the back fj axle and trailer frame and pull with something heavier than your load with a long wheel base.

I did have to tell the Uhaul that i was hauling a toyota pickup.

i towed my 88 62 that was stock from KY to lower AL. i went with penske. i pulled the trailer behind a 28' moving truck. when you put the info in for the trailer make shure is for an 87 or earlier. they say a 62 is to heavy but i had about 200 lbs to play with for the trailers max rating. any year 60 series is going to be to heavy for a u-haul. penske has a higher load rating

Car Carrier - Car Carriers and Tow Dollies - Penske Truck Rentals
Wow...I guess I am lucky. I pulled my 60 on a U-haul dlolly with my 96 4-Runner(lifted etc) from Austin to Dallas and the back again in one day. There was one point when exiiting the highway where I thought my brakes were going to melt, but nonetheless it was a safe trip....and I was really impressed with how well the 4-Runner did pulling the heavy beast.
Thanks for the prayers, guys...I am definitely not going to haul it with my truck. I spent today getting the rig ready for a long road just sounds like safety is a real question with those trailers.
road trip...road trip....road trip.....
Yea, U Haul rented me one a few years back for GSMTR.

Got over there & went to turn it in for the week & the place said I was in violation-NOT SAFE by their standards & said if I turned it in to them they would not re-rent it to me:mad:


Went down the road to a "mom & pop" place & turned it in......went back 5 days later & walla rented it again & drove home.

Word to the mention land cruiser to U-Haul & they :ban:

Road trip & have fun.

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