anyone ever see this happen? PS pump explode.(pics)

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Jan 10, 2015
Just happened to notice this the other day by chance. Power steering was fine, no unusual noise. The flange was cracked in half. When I removed the pump the gear slid right off and to the foor. And there was no nut on the end of the pump. I found the nut stuck to the timing cover. It had worn a groove and stayed there while the pump came out. How the hell does this happen? Any ideas?

Actually, someone posted a pic of their pump with a cracked flange just last week or so.

On yours, is there any indication that something might have got in the gear mesh and pushed it apart? I'd suggest rotating the crank slowly and watching that gear to see how all the teeth look.

I'm glad I torqued that nut when I rebuilt mine... It's a lock nut I believe.

Edit: Ah, s***, that was you. Why you start new post?
Looks like the nut backed off and pushed the pump back hard enough to break the ear off. Possibly a replacemnet pump and the nut was not properly torqued when the gear was installed.
Yea, that was my post last week. Sorry about that. It does look like the nut worked it's way out and against the timing cover. The nut doesn't appear to be a lock nut. Would there be any reason not to use locktite. Looking at the nut it appears to have had a pair of vice grips on it. PO probably didn't have a 12 point and went for vice grips instead. Gotta love it!

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