Anyone ever retorque their flange bolts on the driveshaft?

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Sep 16, 2005
Ponte Vedra, Florida
Just wondering if anyone ever found that these propeller shaft bolts needed to be retorqued and at what mileage if you did find that they had loosened up?
Check them on the cruisers every time I lube. Happy Easter Mike
when I got my truck one was gone so keep a eye on them
I wondered how you would get a torque wrench in there?
Cool calculator. I guess the internal workings of a torque wrench are not what I thought. If I put a rotary strain-guage on the square drive, the calculations would be different than this for adding a torque multiplier.
I'm not 100% sure I understand what you are saying. But don't torque multipliers get their advantage via planetary gearing through the same axis as the square drive? In other words, the distance between the force and the square drive does not change.
I've watched maintenance change wheels on airliners, they use a simple extension on their torque wrench, no gears. Square hole in one end, square drive on the other end, probably Snap-On. They have a laminated conversion card in the case with it. I know the type you're talking about, more complex. I need one for small Allen screws, just to reach in where the head of a torque wrench won't fit, kinda like our driveshaft bolts.

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