Anyone ever remove a headlight?

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Aug 8, 2003
My right headlamp seems to be fogging up slightly over the years, and I'm thinking about removing it and cleaning it. The FSM is silent on this. How much trouble is it to remove? Anyone have any idea, or do the newer FSMs cover it? (mine's the '93 so lot of updates added over the years) Thanks.

Just replaced a bulb....never removed the whole unit.

Doug, the reflector and lens is a sealed unit. I don't think you could get it apart without breaking it. Swapping the assembly is straight forward, two lamps and the grille, as described by Christo.

Thanks - easier than I'd thought it would sound. I'm planning on cleaning the lense via the bulb hole and will need to be able to slosh it around, suck the liquid out, spray stuff in and the like. I did this successfully on the Hella 3000s after considerable trial and error, so hope I can find my post on it to the 80s Cool list. Only one combination of cleaners worked. Used a straw taped into the vacuum cleaner crevice tool to evacuate the water.

Anyone know if the reflector is bare metal or if it has a layer over it? I'm hoping its got a layer of glass over the reflective surface as then I can use a harsher cleaner without worry of damaging it. The Hella did. Anyone have a broken one they can glance at for me?

Like the Hellas, I think that simple years of driving and air exchange have deposited a thin film of oily residue on the inside of the unit. It's never been submerged or even close. Can't explain why the right lense would build it up more but I'll look for ventilation differences right to left in the process.

Thanks all.


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