Anyone ever regret cutting the frame to install a 4x4Labs rear Bumber?

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Jan 30, 2010
Frederick, CO
I am looking at rear bumpers and the only thing that is holding me back on the 4x4 Labs rear bumper is having to cut the end of the frame off. It seems like that box end has to provide a large amount of the overall strength/rigidity of the frame. Anyone ever notice any flex in the frame after installing the bumper or have any other issues?
I don't have the 4x4 Labs bumper but I did cut off the factory crossmember to install mine. Haven't had any flexing. The stock cross member is really thin steel, just like the box frame. Their bumper will probably add more strength than from the factory.
Not a bit.

And as others said, that bumper is WAY stronger than the crossmember was.
Not at all
cut that S***.

Its all good

If the bumper is cut, is it still a Toyota or a 1 off?

I'm running Toyota tires on mine, so it's 100% Genuine.

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