Anyone ever painted vinyl doors?

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Jun 2, 2006
Seattle, WA
I bought a set of best top vinyl half door last night and they look a little faded. Is there a type of paint I can use to spruce them up a little? I think I've seen some vinyl spray paint before, do you all think that would work on something like this?

There two options you have I believe; vinyl paint and interior die (for fabric seats). I dyed my Trans Am seats in the late eighties and don't recall the product I used, however they turned out great. An auto interior or conv. top company should be able to give you the proper direction on this. I would think there is conv. top dye for cars and esp. boats.

I would think that the vinyl dye/paint would work.
I used some paint especially for vinyl to change the color of my interior in my Toy truck some years ago. It worked pretty good. I remember you had to clean the surface really well first with alcohol (no resiudue).
I also used this stuff on my dash in the 40, worked great

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