Anyone else have a noisy electric fuel pump?

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Aug 9, 2007
Reading, MA
My fuel pump is noisy. It will run when the key is turned and after start up for at least 30 seconds and sometimes up to a minute. Then I notice it when I am idling. The sound is a loud clicking or tapping. Is this normal?
What is this for? What motor? You have an electric pump on your 2F?
Mine is loud as well. You have to put some cushion between the pump and the mounting surface. It does not bother me too much, as I have not fixed it yet.

make sure it is isolated or it will be noisy, also when theres low fuel going through them they get louder. also if its a cheapo pump i notice they tend to be a little louder than a nicer one. lots of different reasons it could be loud
It seems that all electric fuel pumps are noisy other than the in-tank pumps. The reciprocating pumps tend to tap or click as you described, while the rotary pumps emit a high pitched whine. I only notice mine when idling and when I turn on the key prior to ignition, after that the noise is drowned out by all those other lovely FJ40 sounds.
Mine was originally bolted to the frame. It's now isolated by four rubbber insolators. I still hear it, but it's much better. I have the whiny type.

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