Anyone attempted fitment of the ARB Base rack to a 70 series yet?

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FJ40 that green thing

1996 KZJ78 Prado
Jul 8, 2004
The ARB base rack is a newer platform rack by ARB similar to Front Runner. It always seems hard to me to track down the correct fitment with ARB dealers and this one is no different. Ended up calling ARB USA and was told these racks are vehicle specific and the mounting system comes with the rack. They don't have a specific part number for a KZJ78 of course or any other 70 series in the US but did mention the part number ARB #BASE81 is an 84" x 51" full size rack with gutter mounts suitable for similar vehicles such as the FJ60 or FJ80. I think it would fit based on rough dimensions of the roof and I think those gutter mounts are adjustable for vehicle width but wondered if there is proper clearance of the sheet metal on the roof. Looks like several forum members have put these on 80 series wagons. They sound like could be better quality and lower profile, I wonder if they are as strong as FR. Front Runner system is around $1,750 and the ARB Base approx $1.300

Any thoughts why this wouldn't work on a 70 series wagon?

Thread of this rack on 80 series. New ARB BASE roof rack -

Photo cred @Retro LC would you be willing to measure the clearance from the bottom of the gutter to the platform?

Well my 80 series frontrunner crossbars and gutter mounts fit on my bj71, but I did have to widen the footprint. Not exactly the same but if the position of the mounting feet can be widened would be my only concern with the arb rack.
Curious if anyone has mounted one or a rhino rack on a 73/74 as well. The rear mounting feet seem challenging.
I can try and take measurement to see how much wider it had to be made when I get home...if I remember
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KZJ78 is an older version of the VDJ76 body right? If so they are listed in the ARB Catalouge.

(1770070, 17900040) 76S Wagon, 79S DC 1255X1285 BASE Rack, Mounting Kit
(1770020, 17900040) 76S Wagon, 79S DC 1545X1285 BASE Rack, Mounting Kit
(1770030, 17900030) 76S Wagon 1835X1285 BASE Rack, Mounting Kit
(1770040, 17900030) 76S Wagon 2125X1285 BASE Rack, Mounting Kit

I fitted a base rack to my 100 series over the weekend, happy with it.
I'm working on mounting an ARB Base Rack to my HZJ77

Applications on these are tough because unlike the older ARB rack systems where they offered all of the dimensions and the racks themselves had more universal fit-kit mounting and various heights... the BASE is sold as a vehicle specific kit and we are cataloging the installs we do to see how they would mix/match for custom applications and non-market fitments.

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