Anybody running Military GY 37's (16.5")

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Apr 21, 2006
Chattanooga, TN
I recently went from BFG KM2 35's to a 16.5 wheel for the infamous 37" Humvee tire. I'm having some death wobble issues at low speeds (15-40mph). I've confirmed that wheel bearings are tight, king pin bearings are relatively new, tre's are tight (no visible slop), knuckle steering arms are tight and my wheel spacers are tight. When the tire is off the ground, there is no 12-6 movement, 3-9 movement has no slop in the steering linkage either. I have an OME steering stabilizer that is maybe 2 years old. What are some upgrades that I might need when going from a 35 to a 37? Any idea what is causing this? I have confirmed by rotating the tires off the ground that I do have some flat spots on the tires. I've moved tires around front to back with hopes to change the issue but it is still apparent. Any ideas?
i found my problem... toe in! I was at 1-1/4"!!! Something to think about is when you go with a taller tire your toe in increases. I'm around 1/2" now, I still might go less but at least the death wobble is gone. Feel slight wobble at 50mph but before, couldn't even take it past 30mph or so. I think those tires are so heavy that they need to basically float on their own, not be forced to hunt back and forth.

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