Anybody lookn for 40cal ammo?

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Dec 12, 2006
7400', central NM
My BIL found 12 boxes of 100 rnd for $38 ea, in the LC area. I gots no 40, just the 38, so...

Co-worker says it works out to about the same as Petersons pricing.
i get 'em at Walmart when i can find it for $32. i actually find .40 more than anything else there. $38 isn't too bad for gub shop prices.
Just Wait a While-

I have seen this before- it's panic spread by gun distributors- no credible reports of any proposed legislation- all that makes the rounds is just old Urban Legends. B.S.
Check w/ Snopes, check the Congressional register when you get those stupid emails.
Gun distributors/ store owners are laughing all the way to the bank, and lots of guys have AK's they never knew they wanted-
My local Wally's had several boxes of .40 in yesterdays shipment. The .45 I bought was $30/100 rd box so the .40 should have been less.

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