Anybody installed Megasquirt fuel injection?

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Jun 8, 2008
San Diego
Hello all,
So my cr@ppy old Holley fuel injection is getting flaky and I'm checking out other options. I think its either going to be a Megasquirt ECU, or simplify and go to a Quadrajet carb.

I'm wondering how much of a PITA it is to get the megasquirt set up and running nicely. I already have most of the EFI parts installed.

... and for those that aren't familiar with Megasquirt, its a versatile, user configurable (via laptop) EFI controller, that allows you to use a wide variaty of injection components..

MegaSquirt - Electronic Fuel Injection Computer by Bowling and Grippo ©2010
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Check out some of the sports car and muscle car forums. comes to mind, when I frequented there I remember 2 or 3 guys using the MegaSquirt system. A lot of racers use it too as Mike Moran, one of the guys that developed the system, is huge in drag racing. John Meaney, the other developer, was instrumental in setting up how GM programmed their fuel injection systems as well.
Although I went GM with my system, Binder Planet ( Scout fanatic's ) has a good EFI forum, and Megasquirt is discussed. My personal feelings- this applies more to what were doing vs some of the car/racing forums I have came across. Example- Third Gen is great when going EFI, but there after a different outcome in the end. Might want to give them a look. HTH, Al
I guess I don't understand where you're coming from as far as actually tuning the fuel injection and info on the system. There's differences in how you build the motor itself but tuning the fuel injection and all that is the same, the ECU doesn't know or care what it's on or in since it's just taking a given input and giving however much fuel it's been told to do with that input. You still want the same basic air/fuel ratios for the motor, there's nothing special there. The only real differences in a racing motor and a crawler motor is your cam, intake manifold, carb/throttle body sizing, and exhaust choices but there's a lot of grey area if the motor is meant for a street vehicle. All you need is good low end torque for a crawler, I went with a Poncho mill partially for that reason (partially because I love Pontiac motors in general and have built a few).

I'm not knocking the suggestion, just trying to find where you're coming from.
have you come up with a solution for your efi needs?

Hi there,
For the life of me, couldn't decide whether to "downgrade" to a carb or take on the big project of dialing in a Megasquirt. Took another look at Holley and saw they offered a digital replacement for my analog ECU for $270. Another $100 bucks bought me a closed-loop kit.

It works fine and I figure I can keep the rig up and running while transitioning to Megasquirt later, if I decide to go that route.

I run Megasquirt I v2.2 on my 1975 2F. I have a boat that will be running MSII (v3.0) by the end of next weekend (I hope).

There's a steep learning curve, but once you're over it tuning isn't really that difficult, especially with the autotune function in MegaTune.
Wanted to bring this thread back from the dead in case in can help anyone.

I fought that Holley 2D EFI for many years. It worked so-so but was always far from happy with it.

Well about 6 months ago I saw that the FITech 4 barrel TBI system was around $1000 bucks, which was doable for me, do I started researching it a bunch. I decided on the Holley Sniper 4 barrel TBI system after talking to some people and I am very happy with it. The 4 barrel works well with the fuel requirements of my V8.

What brings me back to this thread though is Holley has just released a 2 barrel Sniper TBI, and I'd guess that this would work well with straight six motors. So maybe it could be of use to someone wanting TBI on the stock motor?

Anyway, both 2 and 4 barrel versions of a bolt-on self-learning (mostly) TBI system, in case anyone is interested.

BTW, when I say mostly self learning, it seems to self-tune to about 80% good, but it takes quite a bit of time and effort to get the fuel map just right. I'm about 6 months in and I'd call it 95% tuned.

Sniper 2300 2BBL Kits

Hope this helps.

P.S. no affiliation. Paid retail for mine from Summit.

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