Anybody in the Richardson, TX area free to check out an 80 for me?

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Jan 26, 2015
Found a LX in the Richardson area that could be a potential buyer, and was wondering if there happened to be a 80 expert in the area that could go and take a look at it for me before I spend the time driving up there myself (I'm in Austin). This one looks great to me from the ad, but as we all know, things can often be misrepresented online. It is located just off 635 and 75.
Just an FYI. I bought mine from them. My seats were in better shape, 155K miles, DS birf was clicking, oil pump seal leak, PS leak, front brakes/rotors were absolutely history, no 3rd row seats, no mech. history. They were asking $7,950. I gave them $7,500 cash total. It's not a typical car lot. All the cars are in a small warehouse & the place is pretty crappy. Took them over a month & a half to do the title transfer/registration. Sorry but don't have the time anytime soon to get up there & look at it.
No problem, thanks for the heads up. So far they are telling me this one is a one owner, has no leaks, and has no maintenance history. I'm trying to look up the service history on the Lexus website, but it is not letting me log in for some reason.
I didn't. Im still interested in it, but I couldn't find anybody locals willing to check it out and haven't had an opportunity to drive to Dallas and check it out myself.
Call Buddy at Cruisershop. This looks to be right around the corner from his place.

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