Anybody got a OME suspension manual/parts list?

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Feb 14, 2006
In the weeds
I'm going to be installing a used OME suspension that is complete (shocks, greasable shackles, etc.) but I'd like to have the OME installation instructions for reference and to help decide what (if any) bits and pieces I need after it comes off the parts truck it's currently on. If someone has a pdf of the OME literature, that would be awesome.
They don't come with much of a manual. Kurt's site is 100x's the info that comes with the kit.
The shackles are the only thing with some paperwork i believe.



Thanks guys. That answers my questions. I'm well acquainted with Kurt's site. I guess I was more interested in a parts list or diagram to make sure I wasn't missing any small bits that might not be obvious. This helps.

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