anybody ever try lizard skin?

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That looks pretty interesting.
Hey Ige, What vehicle of yours you thinking about ?

Seems like a decent spray in sound deadener, a little pricy for my blood though, to include the gun.
It is used wideley by street rod builders and the people that I have talked to really like it over previous producs that they had used. the good thing about spray on is that you can cover the whole area. i used the foil faced padded stuff and it is cheaper but it is hard to cover everything.
There was a show on TV that used this stuff recently, can't remember which one though.
It looked very similar to Line X, but was not as thick.
not really looking at any particular rig quite yet. little pricey for me also. but you never know. i will do soemthing in the piggie, just not sure what yet.
If the sound deadening works really good, the piggie will get some when I do the interior in a couple months..

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