Anybody ever looked under the cowl in a 100 series? (1 Viewer)

Jan 26, 2009
Can someone educate me so I can understand whether I should be concerned? I just had the windshield replaced in a 100 series. I note that the rubber weatherstrip at the bottom of the glass is raised up about 2-3 mm from the glass surface for about 6 inches at the middle of the windshield. It is attached to the cowl piece but the cowl seems to be lipped up a little in the middle where the two portions meet and is holding the weatherstrip above the glass.

My question is this: I know the cowl itself has vent louvers and allows water to enter into that space, so does the water that is going to flow under the weatherstrip end up in the same place and just get drained out?

The windshield guy said not to worry about it and that it might "settle down" when the weather warms up. He said he prefers not to glue it down cause it will then be a problem when I get my next windshield.

My concern is that it is right behind the nav system, etc and I imagine water will run down the windshield and preferentially into that space.

Any comments are most welcome.

Jan 7, 2006
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the cowl has drains in could take the whole plastic thing off and be fine. Its mainly to prevent crud from falling in the intakes for the A/C, and protect the wiper linkages from things falling in and obstructing movement.
Oct 22, 2007
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Not sure about the cowl thing but make sure the window guy re-installed the rubber strips on the a-pillars (the rubber that covers the rivets in the sides). When my window was replaced the repair guy was going to throw them out.

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