Anybody brace your FJ40 Frame?

Dec 4, 2002
After rebuilding my engine I noticed the frame of my '78 FJ40 had some concerning areas. I was beating the side of the frame with a ball-pien hammer to loosen rust and mud in the frame. It resulted in a couple of actual holes where the hammer struck.I had the outside of the frame (areas above the skidplate) reskinned with 1/8" steel mig-welded in place.
An area yet repaired is on the inside channel of the frame,where the front hangers attach for the rear leaf springs. The inside channel is rusted through from about where the hanger is riveted,6" alongside the frame.
So,should I cut out that section of inside channel and make a new section,reskin that inside piece,or what ???
The outside channel in that area is reskinned.The bottom of that outside channel (where the hangers are riveted) is not rusted through.
I feel like bracing would suffice because most of my prior vehicles never had an inside channel to make a box-type frame. They were only channelled frames.
Anybody have some pics on reinforcing the frame? I remember some I saw where a guy boxed it in front-to-back.
Nov 7, 2002
Pacific NorthWest
If your putting holes in your frame with a hammer, you might want to bag the bracing idea and replace the frame.
Apr 6, 2003
Tomball, TX
I'm with FJ40crusher. You can find frames in good shape that are realtively inexpensive, and if you have put that much time/effort into your restoration, I wouldn't mount everything on a crappy frame. Just my opinion though.

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