Any wax suggestions for weathered paint?

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Jan 7, 2010
I have a few spots on the roof the paint (dark green)is showing signs of weathering, any recommendations on a topical was treatment I can use to give it some protection?
Picture attached.

That’s clearcoat failure. Not much you can do to remedy that. A good cleaner wax will help, but the damage you see will still be there and will get worse.

Only real fix is a repaint.

Go to the Autogeek forum, join up and post a question with your picture. There are a lot of enthusiasts and professionals on that forum who may be able to help you out.
I was able to clean up dead clear coat on my 91 Accord about 10 years ago. It took an incredible amount of time - about 10 hours for the roof. It was only good if waxed weekly. It looked nice, but was only a practical solution because I was a young college student with some time and no money.

The only real long term fix for this is a repaint. Once the clear is gone it's game over. To slow it down, you could polish it, remove the oxidized clear with careful sanding and hit the area with some aerosol clear. That would be tough though, and will not look nice. Perhaps nicer than an entire roof of dead clear coat, but not by much.
Im a big fan of optimum products, opticoat, but never worked on something this bad.
I'd consider plastidip or vinyl, especially if only the roof.

What part of the world are you in?
This is definitely a clear coat failure. I am unsure exactly how well this would work, but there are some really good ceramic paint coatings for about $60-100 out there. They will definitely work better than wax in the spots the clear is gone as the coatings are almost a clear coat in themselves, but the issue is that the clear will continue to flake back. This will compromise what the ceramic coating is sticking to. Best analogy is painting over rust. It will look good for a while, but eventually the rust will come back to the surface.

Examples of the ceramic coatings would be Opti Coat or CQuartz Ceramic
That looks like clearcoat failure, which if you want repaired properly, will have to be sanded, repainted, and then the adjacent panels blended will have to be blended.

You can try to wetsand and reclear yourself, but it will obviously not look as good, and bandaid fixes like this will usually fail quickly.

Usually, in this case a wax will not help mainly due to the fact that moisture will get under the clear and keep separating it from the paint.

Rich (17 years experience in car detailing and paint restoration)
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"That won't buff out".

Needs a repaint. You'd be wasting time and money doing anything else with it.
I would get a quote from a few bodyshops, they will probably paint the front and blend to about half way then clearcoat all of the roof. If you have windscreen rust, this is the time to address it as you can get it both done at the same time.
Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm not ready to part w/ this rig as I intend to keep it for a while, it is a 2005 w/ about 110,000 original miles from me. Wondering if body shop is able to paint the roof only? I recently moved to Florida from So. Cal, so the humidity here does not help. Although I discovered this clear coat peeling about two years ago and didn't attend to it.
Yes, they won’t paint it all, but will most probably clearcoat all of the roof. They will advise what to do when you get a quote. Make sure they use a 2k clearcoat.
I have to agree that a repaint is the best bet. I too have the same issue on both my 98 LC and my wife's 98 LC and I've done extensive online research about it. All roads lead to the paint booth. No way around it if you want it done right.
If perfection isn’t your goal, body shop should be able to do roof only between gutters. They can probably get a really close match and from the ground it should look fine.
I have this same issue on my Green 99LX. Mine is only between windshield and the sunroof which is what yours looks like.
I have been waxing it regularly to protect but it bugs me.
I was thinking of looking into having someone wrap just that strip between windshield and sunroof with as close of a match as they can get. With 285's the only people that are going to see it would be you of course and on an overpass or 2nd floor anyway.

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