AltFuel Any use for cleanning motor from time to time?

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Apr 9, 2006
Matane, Québec.
I've been running WVO for about five years (summers).

And i've been wondering, do you use anything from time to time for making sure motor stays clean and healthy?

Any recommandations?

I havent notice any change in consumption or performance, but.. I would sure like to keep it clean and running for ever.


use a can of seafoam in a nearly empty svo fuel tank to clean the tank and your fuel lines. Then use another can of seafoam poured directly into your fuel filter to run this high concentration cleaner through your pump and injectors.
do you use anything from time to time for making sure motor stays clean and healthy?

I give the fuel system a seafoam treatment in the spring after a winter of shorter colder trips generally makes it rougher and dirtier on start-up.
While the engine is hot from a good hard run, drain the fuel and any crud out of the sedimenter, and fill it with seafoam. This is also a good time to drain the PS reservoir, and add the old PS fluid and any remaining seafoam to the tank. Fill the PS reservoir with fresh ATF. Then run the engine for about two minutes to pull the seafoam into the IP and injectors, then shut it down and let it sit overnight or a couple of days if you can. Next start-up will be clean and crisp.

I also spray the engine and the engine compartment with glycerol byproduct from making biodiesel, let it sit overnight then pressure wash it cold. The glycerol is a good cleaner. UVO is also good 'undercoating' if you don't like rust on the frame and springs.
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Two questions, my sedimenter is sealed and only a 10mm screw at the bottom to drain. I guess you have a different model on your 70 series, mine is the original 40 series. I dont see how to fill it with seafoam could be done.

Second, i dont have a PS so.. Would not be doing that :) but it's good to know

Under coating, i was just thinking of getting my whole truck rustproofed since i havent had it done last autumn after my rebuild (i only drove it on dry pavement, and it was stored all winter).
What can be used to spray? Any suggestions? Thanks
Did the seafoam in fuel filter trick.. But can't get it to start anymore.. Well, ill try again tomorow but i drained de bateries out trying. Pumped the primer pump many times, and also took out the glow plugs to check and to vent the combustion chamber if it was drowned in fuel.
Not a good way to start your road trip, sacrebleu! I find anytime you play with the fuel system, make sure the motor is in a hot state of mind. It eliminates using the glowplug system to start. Good luck......
Got it going after a long while, will be more carefull next time.
It ran super well to Alberta, no problem.

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