Any tricks removing adhesive roof rack washer thing?

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Apr 4, 2005
Inland Empire
Removing the factory roof rack off a 2006 LC. Everything is unbolted and I noticed the washer like reinforcement that is stock on to the original mounting points. I'm referring to the elongated black thing covering the two holes.

I was originally going to leave them but the rhino rack backbone mounts to some different holes compared to the original ones so I need to either remove these things or add washers to the new holes.

Tried a heat gun for a bit and used a screwdriver but it is on good and I dont want to completely gouge the paint. Any advice would be appreciated.
It's held on by adhesives, you'd need to just strong arm it and pry it up with a pry tool, if you damage the paint, touch it up, it's in am ambiguous spot anyways.
Heat gun it first. That's how I took mine off.
i used a heat gun to warm up the adhesive, then pried it off gently. they did not want to go without heating.
use the wide attachment to direct the heat onto the offending article.

Thanks all! I figure you all did the same with the channel cover retaining clip things stuck in there as well
Heat gun was absolutely necessary and a worthwhile pick up from HF... nothing like 1000F temps to help loosen the adhesion. Also, a plastic trim remover tool worked wonders.

I was a little disappointed with how the rhino rack backbone screwed down but it is over... the angle of the supports involved coupled with clearance for the bolts and access for an Allen are somewhat questionable...
I was able to just use a flat head screwdriver to pry them off. Coming from each end I put it just inside the bolt holes on the washer. I then pressed down on the screwdriver handle to bend each side of the washer up. I could then pry it the rest of the way without damaging the paint.

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