Any trick to these bolts?

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Sep 16, 2005
Houston, TX
These are the 4 fender bolts inside the wheel well. I tried an air ratchet but they just spin. The bols are within the frame and I can't get a socket or wrench in there due to the tight space and angle. Any tricks guys? Thanks.

40 Frame?

Those nuts are welded to the frame, they could have broken off the frame, and just be spinning on the bolt, or someone could have replaced them with nuts, and you will need to hold the can get a wrench in there....been there, done that.....

There is a round hole on the inside of the frame....on both sides.

Good luck!

You might get away with prying the fender bracket away from the frame to put pressure on the nuts against he inner side of the frame. Penetrating oil is also your friend. As is a universal.
Take a air chisle to the heads. Pop them off and replace the bolts.
They are definitely not welded on. So someone else in the past must have put bolts with nuts on them. Oh well, then will need to cut them or chisel them out. No one said it was going to be easy!

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