any trail runs on may 26 or 27?

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Jan 31, 2007
olympia, wa
Any trail runs or events on the memorial day weekend? I should have my 80 pretty much buttoned up by then after a lift, 315s, f/r axle rebuilds, regear to 4.88s, new brakes, and I'll be ready to have a little fun.

You and I must have hit submit thread at the same time...

I'm up for what ever, I'll follow you.
Sounds good. I have been wanting to get out again. Tahuya was nice last time but I know you guys have been there the last 2 times. Tahuya is just nice because its a nice drive with decent trails that I dont think anyone has received any trail damage from either
Depends on what you call trail damage... I scratched up three of my rims pretty good and I've got some NW pinstripes to match. I'd love to join you guys but I'll be working that weekend...
dents or broken stuff
Cruiser sighting

Hey i was in Oly town last week or was it the week before and saw your flame cruiser i honked , but when your in a semi most people just flip you off when you honk LOL also tried the cb on 4 but no avail , maybe next time
not my cruiser check my signature
I would hate to make you jealous and put a real truck on there.:flipoff2:

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