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May 4, 2008
Point Judith Area, RI
Just bought my first Land Cruiser....1985 FJ60, 161k, 4SPD

Mods (That I know of) : Stainless Battery Tray
Brand New OEM Carb

I just had a Tacoma that was bought back by Toyota as part of the massive frame rust recall that they have issued (i can elaborate if you want me to!).

I think that I'll probably be working with a ~$5,000.00 US mod budget...any suggestions?

Right now it is sitting at the local repair shop because of a bad starter. The previous owner had one put in last month - it was a NAPA reconditioned starter. I ran through the whole ignition sys. - was able to bump start the motor, I had the dreaded 'click' when I turned the key. Possibly bad starter solenoid?

Also, a friend recommended that I put a secondary fuel line filter ahead of the OEM one in the tank to compensate for the additional Ethanol that is added to fuel now.

Thanks for any help...will post pictures as soon as I get it back.

Welcome jeverich!
x2 - check cables/connections first for starting problem

Not sure I follow how a secondary fuel filter "compensates" for ethanol, but what can it hurt?

.... I think that I'll probably be working with a ~$5,000.00 US mod budget...any suggestions?
Hang on to your 5K till you've thouroughly gone through the mechanicals first so your starting with a solid base. Good compression numbers? Any vacuum leaks? How are the fluids? Any leaks? Are you able to squeeze somewhere around 12 or more miles per gallon of fuel? Are the knuckels greasy? (the Cruiser's - not yours:D Etc., etc.

Assuming all's swell and and happy with your rig, any list of mods really depends on your intended use. I'll let others chime in with their fave mods. I'm still trying to make mine run right :bang:. When I've got it though, my first mods will be mildly taller tires and an Aussie locker.

If you get the OK from the mechanic, first I would invest in the FSM and the emissions manual. Then change all the vacuum lines. From there I would start with the mods.
Spend money to head off any rust now.
Check the rear inner frame rails for rust. If it's not rusty you're lucky. In either case, paint with a rust preventative paint. You may have to take off the rear bumper to do a thorough job.

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