any suggestions for a source for an alternator for a 79' HJ45..... ?

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May 29, 2011
Houston TX
Think my new truck's alt is less than effective..... but none of the usual experts have a source it seems for a rebuilt or new. Not opposed to having it rebuilt locally but would rather avoid the downtime - the wife loves driving it..... !

thanks !

There isnt many options and downtime will most likely be unavoidable. Try a search, its been discussed many times.
I would probably try one the aftermarket types on ebay Australia, for about $150 USD + shipping. And some are offering a 5 year warranty, so they must have some faith in their product.
Not sure if they will ship or how much it will cost.
An NPR truck alternator will work with a few mods. You will need to weld up a new bracket and replace the pulley. There are instructions here on MUD somewhere for it. I did this on my BJ40. Bracket is a bit different but same alternator.

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