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Oct 24, 2005
Cuba, MO
Toyota didn't model the new FJ closer to the old 40?

Personally I like the new FJ and the price is very attractive but I was wondering why they didn't make it smaller like the old 40s and make it fit in the Wrangler/Rubicon genre.

The similarities in appearances to a heep didn't stop Toyota from making the 40. So why should it now.

They could have designed a brand new frame and built a 40 style SUV on it. Heeps still sell well and they aren't even reliable. Toyota could have kept the boxiness, ruggedness, and everything else that made the 40 great but then gave it some modern twists like the 6 speed manual tranny......the very powerful v-6 or even have some with the iforce v-8.......and could have designed lockers for the 40 just like they have on the 4runners, LCs, and any other rigs that have them.

I see a huge market for a new 40. Not only will the people who are interested in the new fj be interested they would also take away from the Heep fan base since they would be built better and have the same general looks like they always did.

Do a search, this has been discussed to death. :shotts:

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