any new good thread on springs / shocks?

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Sep 20, 2003
we have already a couple of threads on the front lift in the FAQ but these may be dated by now. Now that the dust may have settled after the big discussions on rear lifts and shocks, a la John, are there one or 2 good threads that should be put in the FAQ?

(other suggestions welcome too)
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Since you've asked I'll give you an update:

I just completed my first full trail run since adding the N74L rear shocks to my 863 springs. I first reported what a great improvement they made over using a 100-series shock. Many 80 owners were negative and posted crap. Some were skeptical of the improvement and voiced their hypothesis. Others were encouraged and looked forward to upgrading their 100s.

Reality is that my 100 has been transformed into a quasi-80 on the trail. The thing is so stable and articulates so well that it rides in the difficult spots pretty much like my 80.

Wheel lifts are now RARE. Tipping on 2 wheels is even more rare. The rig is safer and far more predictable in difficult areas.

Here's a few pics from a trail that is notorious for instability. In many of these shotts I used to wheel lift which also makes traction more of a problem. Not now.

Bottom line can believe this....or you won't...and that's OK. Bring your 100 and run the same trail with mine or one just like it and you'll order whatever you have to in order to make the change. :)

Before the change, I'd be on 2 or 3 wheels on every picture below. Notice ALL the wheels are on the ground?





The rear is stretching out like crazy. Great work John.

Now back to the mall with my 100.

I would like to see what others have done with models other than OME shocks (whether 100 or 80 shocks). Action shots would be important so we can get the picture.

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