Any Mechanics in Chicago/NW Indiana Area?

Mar 30, 2005
I am close to finalizing a purchase. I am waiting on a dash board kit but the deal still hasn't commenced.

I am tired of shelling out $24.95 for a full months worth of vin checks. I have been in the hunt for a landcruiser since 1/2005 and learned on a previous post that Carfax is about as useful as used toilet paper.

I am interested in a 97 that has > 90k. I don't have service records and the VIN shows 2 previous owners. Any officianados in this area that has a passion for working on cruisers? The deal is not final and knowing someone that does work on the side might make this decision an easier one. I learned in the posts that maintenance records are key but what if you can't track them?

I will continue to wait if I have to. I just don't want to get hammered with a dealer estimate if I get stuck with a truck that hasn't been properly maintained.

Any experts doing work on the side? I noticed Gumby lives in Naperville, IL.
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