Any last minute 4th ideas?

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Head cook, Bottle washer, and Peace keeper.
Nov 17, 2006
Rodent Central, Az
We were going to book some rooms at the Hilton El Conquitador for the weekend but it looks like they are booked up except for the high dollar casitas.
Genell's Brother & family from Kingman want to hook up for a relaxing weekend.
My bosses cabin in Alpine is out of the question due to smoke damage, any ideas?
We're doing nuthin. Gotta work the day after so probably won't even stay up to see the fireworks this year.

That weekend though, the grill will be in use.
Melissa has a show TumbleWeed park in Chandler so we are committed for the weekend
Got a 4yo energetic nephew involved who I think could use a ton of stimulation so us adults can get some rest.:D
sorry, I am not into kids :meh:
good thing we are leaving San Diego a few days earlier :flipoff2:
Sedona anyone?
My family is heading back to Sedona for the weekend of the 4th! :clap: Love to join up again for another run. That said, another family is joining us at the cabin for the weekend – and they drive a jeep. If that offends I understand.:meh:

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