Any Land Cruiser Mechanics/Shops in N.E. PA?

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Oct 26, 2006
Pennsylvania 18350
Any one know of a good Land Cruiser shop in N.E PA or surrounding states?Thanks for any info.:cheers:Brendon
I know of a shop in southeast PA (Aston, PA). It;s called Up and Over Innovations. The owner Wayne used to specialize in cruisers sometime back, but has branched out a little. Google the business name for a #.

you can also send a member on here a PM. His name is shmukster. He lives near the Poconos, and is very active in the cruiser community.
What do you need to have done?
Thanks all for the info and link! Just looking for someone more knowledgable to fine tune the 7/69. These are so few around here, and feel more comfortable with someone who knows Cruisers. :cheers:Brendon
If you're doing anything major, Iron Pig Off Road is an incredible cruiser shop. They're in Fredericksburg, VA a little south of DC.
What do you mean by "fine tune"? What's wrong with your truck? If it just needs a tune up....points, plugs etc. we can help you DIY. A case of beer can go a long way in cracking open the gates of cruiser knowledge :) On the other hand, if you don't want to get dirty, I'm sure your local dealership will be glad to work on your cruiser.....for a price :eek:
Where are you located? PM me if you're bashful.
Plenty of knowledgeable folks in PA who can help as noted above. Search the FAQ too. You'll probably find what you need. Look for a Factory Service Manual and see if you feel comfortable tackling whatever work your rig needs yourself. If not, just ask. A '69 FJ40 is a simple beast and therefore a great rig to learn on.
Thanks agian for the replies! I have learned a ton both here on Mud, reading OEM manuals and by doing things on my own. I am probably a :banana::banana: mechanic, and not so confident with my skills. I have taken everthing apart and put it back together, and it runs. Everything under the hood is brand new, and everything is o.k., but I don't feel it is 100% yet. Carb isn't quite right, brakes are dragging, etc. I am going to attempt the first valve adjustment tomorrow, and reset everything to spec after having the engine rebuilt. I just feel more comfortable having someone who is really familiar with the vehicle perform the work, and was looking for some recomendations. I have little faith in my local dealer, as they didn't recognize a 100 when I pulled in for service. I also haven't had too much luck with any local shops-it's been scary that I know more about things than they do. Thanks again.:cheers:Brendon
If you cant find any shop you are comfortable with check out Poor Wally, He is in VT but one of the best with cruisers

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