Any interest in an aftermarket radio blockoff plate

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Jan 17, 2005
Vancouver, Washington
Hi All,

Just checking to see what kind of interest there might be in a molded plastic radio blockoff plate? It would look very similar to the stock blockoff plate, but be blank, so it could be used to mount gauges or switches. I'm also considering a blockoff plate with something like "FJ40" or "Land Cruiser" molded into the face.

Any feedback or ideas would greatly be apprecitated.

I've chatted with Woody, and he graciously approved me asking about these potential products. This thread will be moved to the vendor section in a week or two. Thanks Woody!

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Are you guys more interested in the blank plate, or the logo style?

Thanks for your inputs!

I'm in for a couple with the logo
Thanks for all the input on this topic. Sounds like the logo is more preferable to a blank plate.
My preference would be for FJ40 over Land Cruiser as a logo but I'm not sure if Toyota would like that or not. As I think about it, maybe the title of Landcruiser is more protected than FJ40, as that is really where Toyota has made the name.

Just some thoughts,

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Let me know when available!
I'll take a logo one
I decided to make use of the space where my radio had been removed. Here is my solution.
000_0081 (Small).jpg
ooooohh, nice i'd rather have that, i'll take one, how much?? i'm serious btw.
Wow, I haven't even started making the blockoff plates, and I've got competition! LOL :eek:

Thanks for everyone's feedback. It's sounding more tempting to build the tooling.

These <---- (this is a link) also can be assembled and installed in that radio cut out. They fit and function very well. I have a 40 at the shop, that the owner installed these into his truck. I will try and get a picture of it in the AM.

I've got my Pro-Jection computer sitting in my radio hole, a little recessed. I have an aluminum trim ring to cover the radio cutout but still allows me access to the computer for adjustments.

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