Any interest in a 97 LC Motor and Transmission in Maryland

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Jan 3, 2015
Hey guys,

My buddy has a 1FE motor and transmission out of a 97 LX450. The truck had a diesel swap. The motor had a cracked HG and was loosing coolant, but could drive (wasn't overheated). The engine doesn't have the wiring harness, AC condenser, or plug wires. Everything else is there. The transmission is fine. The mileage out of the truck was around 170k.

What is a fair price for these items if I was to list it on the classifieds? The prices I found in the classifieds were all over the board.
Engine as is probably free. It's tough to sell an engine with a known problem. Transmission maybe $300. I got a transmission and transfer case for free a couple years ago here locally. Only issue was a cracked bell housing.

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