Any "Flipped-FJ's" for exhaust pics?

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Dec 4, 2002
I'm fixing to put an exhaust on my '78 FJ40 from the header-back. I know it has to go over the skidplate. I thought you guys may have come up with some good ideas on how to plumb this exhaust for it's protection and efficiency.Thanks.
I just got done doing mine on my '78 a couple of months ago. I used the Man-a-fre exhaust kit that is complete from the header back. It relocated everything up above the skidplate and put the muffler up near the driver's side frame rail. The PO I got it from put the stock '78 type exhaust on it and that would have been ripped off the first time I went off-road hanging down as low as it did. Believe it or not, the OEM Toyota muffler the MAF kit came with gives it a pretty throaty exhaust note. Much better than it had previously. The cost wasn't too bad either all things considered. You will need to make sure that your header will mate up to the MAF kit though. :D
My choice would be to get a new OEM muffler (they sound good) and then take it to a muffler shop to get the piping done. A good muffler shop can put it all where you want it, and since your supplying the muffler and not doing anything fancy, it should not cost much at all. Just have them route it as high up and out of the way as they can and your good to go.
I agree with Cruisin GA. A decent shop will be able to do it easy and cheap. Most I have seen exhaust come out at rear part of the rocker. Exhaust places like ot work on them too cause it is easy to get to but just make sure they know you want it TIGHT up or they may let it hang for no good reason.
Why not just buy the OEM set up?It is not very expensive, cheap as Midas, fits right and goes in the right direction. Best of all you can do it.
SOR sells it, IIRC. I modified it for my MAF 6>1 headers, and had my local shop weld the (cut) exhaust pipe to the bracket. Everything from there back clamps on with muffler clamps. If you don't have headers, you just bolt the exhaust pipe onto the exhaust manifold. No welding needed.
I took my 78 to a local muffler shop, asked for a quiet turbo muffler, and had them route it up and over the skidplate where toyota shoulda put it. I love it and paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $150 for it.
Mine I ran from the extractors inside the chassis rails into 3" collectors, then the 2 x 3" pipes up beside the gearbox meeting in a Y behind the t/case into 3" single pipe with a straight through resinator, up and over the diff and drops out on 45 deg at the rear x member, all above the chassis, and out of harms way.

The 454 sounded very nice with no muffler, and just a resinator.
The tailpipe was less vulnerable with the rear axle moved back [as you see in first pic shocks on rear of x member] and the 36's.

Below is where extractors and pies run inside chassis and I used cat flanges to allow the exhaust to be dropped in sections easily to allow the gearbox etc to be removed.

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