Any flexy leafs with 4 inches of lift for a 40?

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Jun 2, 2003
Alamosa, CO
Fellow Cruizer-heads,

I just finished up a spring over in the rear of my 78 fj-40 and used Fj-55 leaf's. I love the soft flexy ride and the extra 3.5 inches of wheelbase I gained. In front I am still sprung under with 2.5 inch lifted Superlift springs. They are stiff and not quite enough lift, and I'd love to get some longer ones to extend my wheelbase in the front as well. Any suggestions for a flexy 4 inch lifted leaf, or am I going to have to spring over the front with Fj-55 springs as well? Thanks for the help,

Your best bet would be to finish what you started. SOA the front to match the rear. That way you get the same flexibility and handling characteristics at both ends. There is no spring that can provide that much lift and still be supple enough to give the flex.

Thanks for the advise...I was afraid going ahead with the front would be the best bet. I was hoping to find a simpler way to get flex and length without all the forethought that goes into a front end SOA...but I'll start calculating :) Oh, are FJ-55 springs good for the front SOA as well?
[quote author=sdgraber link=board=1;threadid=4996;start=msg38350#msg38350 date=1062802363] Oh, are FJ-55 springs good for the front SOA as well?
[/quote]Yes. I think Woody said something about adding a leaf for the front. Go to the tech links and click on Brian Swearingens SOAs. He has both ends on there.

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