Any feedback/info dick cepek springs?

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Feb 23, 2002
North Bend, WA
Local guy is selling a set of Dick Cepek 2 1/2" springs and shocks (new)

Anyone know if they are any good? Ride quality?
I have a set on my 40 but I have not driven it yet for I have some additonal engine work to do. I should have it on the road by the weekend and I can report back. Honestly I have not ridden in other trucks with different lifts. I can tell you that they are nice springs no problem with the install and it did give me 2.5 inchs of lift.
what are you having to pay for them??
He's asking 350 for springs/shocks/u-bolts. They are new
I'm going on my 4th year now with a set.. no problems, good stance, no lean.. a little rough ride for some folks.. but I don't mind... I would go for it...

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