Any experts on newer merc diesels? (1 Viewer)

Jul 25, 2019
So I dont in any way have my hopes out of place here so no disappointment will be felt. I am wondering if anyone knows anything about sprinter diesels as Im having trouble finding much info regarding swaps, and Im sure for good reason haha.

I have a nice running sprinter behind my shop ATM. The motor could easily be mine for nothing (OM647) I recall. I am wondering if there are any even remotely feasible options for converting such a thing to mechanical injection. I am aware of how heavy these motors are with electronics and I want nothing to do with another project like that, lesson learned. However if there is a way to go mechanical I would be very interested. Normally I wouldnt reach this far out of the box for a swap candidate but having a good donor to start with for free definitely makes any issues with the process a bit more palatable...depending.

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