any cool way to label toggle switches?

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Jun 15, 2005
SoCal - westsiiiide
So, my toggle switches seem to be growing in number (KC lights, rear light, pump for auxillary gas tank, etc.). I have been wanting to not label them and keep it clean, but I wonder if people have found a very clean and cool way to label them, without something lame like a label maker sticker.

I was thinking of something like minature plaques of some kind?
We have computer shops here that will print any alphabet you want on computer keyboards.. I've done numerous keyboards with them and you can pick the color you want. I don't know what type of printer they use though, but if you can locate a similar shop where you are, then they should be able to print anything you want on your toggle switches..

Other places that usually have the facility to print on plastic are shops that do access cards, membership cards, etc..
Silk screen is nice. If you have an aluminum panel paint it, then engave it for reversed lettering. There are all kinds of options, use your imagination.
I am thinking some black small sticky back/rub on stencils. like 08 point tall white (hard to read in black that small).
Switich to contura rocker's and you can get all sorts off cool pre-engraved covers.

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There's also:

I remember seeing a company online that makes ARB Style switches that are pre-labeled and look very cool. (they have little icons with fans, aux lights, even diff lock) Has anyone else seen them?
The ARB stye switch is a Contura Rocker as sold by Waytek and many others.

I have a 6 panel stainless steel insert where my stock radio opening is that holds all Contura rockers.

alf said:
Switich to contura rocker's and you can get all sorts off cool pre-engraved covers.



Where did you source your covers? I am interested in some of these.


Rezarf <><
I never bought the custom covers. I will have to look for the web site. But it was as you described as you could get them with engraved, pictures, letters, symbols, etc...


I saved thier link after reading the build up of project x......
Yeah that's it. But I just read that these do not fit Contura Rockers, bummer. You would have to buy their switch and covers. But if you are changing over from something else it would be a good deal.

Why not just order some switch covers from waytek with the hard plastic and apply your own label of some sort??? I personally don't have problems with the ptouch label maker look:) :)
calfj60 said:

I saved thier link after reading the build up of project x......

Good call Tim, these are the one I meant:

those ones from are cool, problem is, I already have all the toggles I like (certian style I like) in place. so just need labeling below them.

Look at their panels, then check the list here.

(click on label options)

Not sure what individual labels cost, but I cant see them being too much. They can also custom make you any label you wish for around $20. (got a toggle for "646 mode"?) These labels can be backlit if you wish. They are adheisive and easy to work with. If you find ones that are close, you can modify them slightly with a black sharpie marker.

If you don't see what you want, call them and ask, that list is not the most up to date, I believe they have over 3000 different ones now.

If you want some, call 1-800-36-Panel, talk to Mike at ext 244, he will set you up. (we buy panels from these guys ALL the time for our boats.) I just ordered a bunch of custom ones for the boat we are working on now.


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