Any cheap Gas Can Carrier Options

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Sep 14, 2003
Centennial, Colorado
As we all know the FJ40 gets terrible gas milage. Heading off to the boonies on a full tank with the stock tank dosn't give a lot of distance capability. I would rather not get an extra size tank because 1) its expensive and 2) I use the space for storage.

The carriers sold by vendors are hundreds of dollars. There has to be a cheap solution to bolt $10 worth of metal to hold a gas can.

Anybody come up with something?
con-ferr makes a cool mount that holds a 5gal can on the spare tire i have one it nice and "cheap" works good too
I have the same carrier mentioned above, but I did not mount it to the spare. I instead took a right side tire carrier (flat style not tubular) from an early cruiser and removed all the tire mounting brackets. This left a flat surface and I mounted the gas can mount to that. I now have the stock tubular carrier with my spare on the left, and a custom swingout Jerrycan carrier on the right! Its pretty cool. I paid $10.00 for the used jerry can, $30.00 for the used carrier from profittscruisers, and $35.00 for the mount from SOR.

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