any chance these are a rare fj40 style hubcap?

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Aug 30, 2015
found a set of steel rims supposedly off a 73 fj40 on craigslist.
they look like oem rims in the photo but have not travelled to inspect them as of yet.
the hubcaps which the owner claims were original to the truck
look like jeep caps to me. anyone confirm or "dis"confirm this claim? they arent cruiser caps right?

thanks in advance.
Looks like after market "one size fits all" 15" caps. I've never seen those before so I'm just guessing. The wheels are correct though.
Wheels look legit.
Polish those wheel covers (they're not hubcaps) and put them on your (carefully selected grey) wheels.

Be a trend-setter and who knows, after a few years of insisting on their originality those wheel covers could be the most sought after cruiser item in history!

People will contract with chinese makers to be able to sell knock-offs for a few hundred dollars a set. (@RCRacer, you on it yet?)
:lol: :hmm:

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