Any business willing to ship a knuckel kit via USPS

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Apr 9, 2006
Matane, Québec.
HI folks,
I started asking around to US business for a knuckel kit plus seals but shipping and custom brokage kills it. I cant have it shipped to a nearby US town near the border cuz i live 4 hrs from one.

I live in Canada and so far the businesses here are asking too much and US ones ship by ups or fedex and those charge outrageous brokage fees plus taxes. Orders i have received from USPS dont do this. Takes a while but, you know i dailydrive a Landcruiser i'm kinda used to that.

I need to redo my knuckels, disks, wheelbearings, its the seals that are difficult to grab at a fair price around here.

Thanks in advance!

Try Kurt at cruiser outfitters @cruiseroutfit

First off, great company, that is where I get all my knuckle stuff and pretty sure I have received usps packages.
I know Kurt @ Cruiser Outfitters usually ships USPS...
Have you tried They ship via ems global from Japan. It gets delivered by your local post office, so you should be able to avoid the fees the other carriers charge. Often times their prices are so much lower, that, even after shipping, you save quire a bit. EMS from Japan to my door is about 6 days, depending on customs.
Unless something drastic has changed, our all Japanese kit (FA9097 or FA9097KWB) are significantly cheaper than the same parts ordered from Amayama.
I ordered from cruiser outfitters and it was complete and all koyo so theres that..............
Vote #16 or whatever for Cruiser Outfitters.

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