Any black 60 series?

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Oct 22, 2003
El Dorado Hills, Ca.
There's a black 62 for sale locally with some awful wheels on it. The wife & I were going to go look at it today. Does anyone own a black 60 series that they could post pics so I can get an idea of what they look like instead of just that one? Or is there none because Im pretty sure there were none painted black from the factory. Thanks!
I don't think there wer any black from the factory.
There is one up here in Canada a guy built last year with a 12ht he had it painted black looks really good in black,I see them in the JDM market not sure if they are factory black ... the 41s in Japan came with factory black.
Never came in Black. There is one in Austin, TX I've seen running around before... I personally like the look

Here is a picture of mine before I tinted the windows.

Its getting a tbi and 4l60e this weekend or the next depending on when all the parts arrive.
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I'm thinking of going black with mine. I've been considering the John Deere Blitz Black, but the whole flat black thing is such a cliche now...

I really like yours, Joel. Is that a flat/satin finish, or is it just the lighting?
Funny that this would come up. Last Friday on my drive home I spotted a 60 series that was black. I never did get close enough to be able to tell if it were a 60 or a 62. I'm not a fan of black, especially the cliche' flat black - too many wanna-be desert racer kids around here in flat black trucks with white gel-coat front fenders. But I digress......

That it was black caught my eye. Wish could've gotten closer.
This is what It looks like dirty. This is up past Payson Arizona. Someday it needs some new bumpers to protect it, but for now it needs a v8 more. It needed a paint job and I always wondered what a FJ60 would look like black on black wheels so I figured I'd go for it.
Land cruiser.jpg
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Thanks for the pics everyone!! That is what I was looking for. Our 80 series was black, and it wouldn't have been my first choice, but it was a good deal. I wasn't sure about a black 62, but the other ones I see it looks okay on. Haven't gone to look at it yet, but will soon.
Last Friday on my drive home I spotted a 60 series that was black. I never did get close enough to be able to tell if it were a 60 or a 62. ... Wish could've gotten closer.

What, were you on a skateboard? How can you NOT catch up to a 60 series??? :D
My 62 is black....ish :doh:


there's a black one covered in stickers that i've seen in north denver area a couple of times, but never been able to actually track it down...he's usually going one way and i'm going the other. they look ok, but i like the brighter colors better.

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