Any aftermarket fuel gauge work with OEM sending unit?

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Feb 14, 2006
Woody P
Is there an aftermarket fuel gauge made for OEM sending units? 17 (full)- 120 (empty) Ohms?

I have narrowed it down, the fuel sending unit is good to go. The wires are good as well, the gauge is not.

I have called 5 diff. parts suppliers and looked at Jegs, JC Whitney, JT Outfitters. SOR has the original gauge and I will resort to that if need be. I have searched here as well. I do not want to replace the entire gauge cluster or the single gauge. I want to put in an aftermarket fuel level gauge but can't seem to find one that has the correct/matching Ohm levels as the sending units.

Or would I have to replace the sending unit to make it work and just use a GM type gauge?

I saw one thread where you can put in additional resistor in or some s**t and it blew my mind, 2 wires and a gauge I can do.

Any ideas before I resort to calling the dealer? Thanks
there was a tread about replacing the whole unit sending to gage,kit from jc whittny?

Opposite Problem

Been looking for an after market sending unit for my Con-Ferr to match the stock fuel guage. So far, no luck, though these guys ( come close at 6-100, which should read accurately at "E" and "F", but mid-ranges will be uncertain. All aftermarket senders and guages I've found are 30-250.

There is an old thread about using resistors in parallel to correct the stock guage and I may try that before pulling the tank and replacing the sender. Don't know if this approach might help you, too.
on my 76 40 i went with a pressure gas g. very close what nascar would use .at the time i was just hardup but nothing else was around at the time except for the dealer .10 bucks at advance and i was set worked for about 3 years.:cheers:

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