Any 80 series experts in New Mexico?

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May 8, 2016
In the Albuquerque area and I have a '94 Land Cruiser project that needs some work. Most of the things I can do myself but the wife is getting mad about the time spent in the garage, I'm sure I'm not the only one facing this dilemma. I took it to the dealership and paid for a diagnostic and radiator flush and fluid and $250+ later, they told me I had to pay more to "pull the codes". The worst part about it is when I got home to check their work, the radiator still has the green fluid I went in with and my reservoir is still dirty so the bastards at the stealership took my car for an entire day and took my money and didn't do anything. Don't want to go back and both dealerships in ABQ are owned by the same company so I'm stuck and need a few things to get my project running right. Please help!
Post up in the High Desert Cruisers, in the clubhouse section.

Do you live in Madrid or in Abq?
Search "paperclip method" on the forum to pull the codes. It will take less than 5 minutes and will save you a ton of money of you are relying on someone else to pull them for you.

As for the time in the garage battle one tactic I use is letting her know how much money I saved by doing it myself. Sorry I was late for dinner but I saved us $500 has worked well thus far.
Hell yea, thanks for the responses guys, I thought I was stuck going to the sheister dealership. I live in Albuquerque, relocated from Las Vegas Nevada and my last name is Madrid but I know where the town is too -it's a laid back place. I love this forum, everyone helps out and it has good traffic. I just need a few things to get my cruiser running right, it has a rough idle and a transmission/transfer case leak but for $3000 it was worth it. The last owner put in a new motor at 248,000 miles and I only have 32k on the new motor
So I pulled the codes and I got a 26 (running rich), 41 (TPS) and a 55, but I can't find a 55 code! I'm sure it's a 55 and can post a video showing this when I double check. Any ideas on a fix for these issues? Should I replace the TPS?
Before replacing any parts clear the codes (pull the EFI fuse) and see which ones come back. A bit of background on the current status of the cruiser would be helpful as well:

What is the issue you are trying to fix (does it have driveability problems, etc..)?
Any recent maintenance?
How long has the check engine light been on?
How often does it get driven? What type of driving?
Recent MPG? Is it trending up or down, or stable?
How many miles on the engine?

You'll get a lot more use out of the responses once we have some background data to work with. As for the code 55 that doesn't come up on the list so we'll have to see if it does once the codes are cleared.

Even if you do end up needing a mechanic to perform the work it's good to know as much as you can in advance.
The issues encountered are the CEL, it's been on since I purchased it and the fact that it sputters and stalls sometimes when I idling at a light in gear. I just had a radiator flush and oil change and the motor only has 32k, while the chassis has 248k. The new motor was put in by the previous owner in 2012 so I don't know if they replaced anything else. I don't drive it often because I'm in the process of restoring it to be a daily driver and the gas gauge doesn't work so not sure about mpg and I need to replace the rear axle bearings. Other than that, it runs fine -the idle is a little high but it has new wires, plugs, etc...

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