Anti-lock activation problem

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Jan 11, 2005
Pegram, TN
I'm a newbie 80 owner - 93 with OEM lockers, ultramild 40mm OME lift.
185K. White.

My anti-lock braking seems to activate on a sporadic basis and even then, only as the vehicle has decelerated to about 4 mph, like when I approach a stoplight. Right there at the end before I fully stop. I have searched the archive (am a veteran of auto forums) so yeah, the answer may be there, I can't find it. I bought it in NJ last Friday, drove it home to Nashville. Had to stop along the way and discovered that both axles were all shot to hell, replaced the short side with a 95 birf from a project rig at a friend of mine's along the way. Ever since, the ABS has been acting up. All we did was pull the ABS sensors out to pull the axles, (replace axle on right, repack and limp on for the drivers side). Should I pull both front sensors and what, clean? Replace? Something else? Thanks for any help.Also, if anyone has any used 33 MTs or similar let me know. BTW, I love this truck.

Pete in Pegram, TN
1964 FJ40 f/s no motor
1976 FJ55 f/s Rebuilt 2f, Scout PS, Powertrax rear, Rolled bad at GSMTR
Sounds like you know your way around the front axle. We have had several reports of ABS problems caused by ABS sensors that accumulated a lot of metal filings. A few others have found the wiring to the ABS got messed up somehow. One had the plastic ABS sensor come apart (he glued it back together.) I'm a little surprised the '95 birf fit with no issues. Usually, the drive plates have to be swapped with the birf when going from an early style to the later style. That *might* be the 91-92's though.

How did the wheel bearings and spindle look? A badly worn spindle might be part of the problem.

Thanks for the response Beowulf. The spindles looked fine but since my buddy had a full knuckle rebuild kit we redid both sides with new wheel bearings and all (and new knuckle bearings and diff seals - keystone cops - all done in 4 hrs). Ill check the sensor housings for damage - don't know much about them being a 40/55 guy. I think one of the sensors might have been damaged when we had to back out of his driveway mid-fix to let another car out and the caliper broke the zip-tie that was holding it to the tierod.

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