antennae repair write up with pics

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Nov 7, 2002
Pacific NorthWest
Well I finally got around to fixing my antennae (97 fzj80) and I thought I would share some pics and a few tips from my install. I have gotten alot of good info from this board in the past so I thought I would share.

Syptoms> My antennae stopped going up but I could hear the motor running so I assumed (correctly) that the antennae cord broke (which it did).

Start by removing the retainer nut on the fender. I used a pair of snap ring pliers reversed to grip the slots on the retainer nut. Worked pretty good. Once that was off I was able to pull my antennae out. I would think that you would have to get it out at this point, if you can't pull yours out you might be able to if you run the "up" button to aid in the removal. After the antennae came out I pulled the rubber grommet off as well.

Next I popped the hood. I had to remove the grey box pictured below to gain a little more access to the hole that the antennae motor is in. 12mm socket and it came right out. No nut to worry about.

Next took an 11mm to remove the one bolt that holds the antennae motor in. I held onto the motor while I did this. When this bolt comes out the motor is free to fall into the fender well, but don't worry, it's easy to reach. Once it's loose it takes a little work to turn it upside down and over so your bringing the motor out first. The mounting bracket will give you a little trouble but it will come out. Once you work it out of the fenderwell you will have just enough slack in the wire that goes to the stereo to pull it out far enough to take it apart. There are 6 screws to remove. 4 around the edge, 1 that has a wire on it (think it's a ground) and one in the center. NOTE: The one in the center has a nut that will fall out, it's accessible from the back of the motor.

Once you get all the screws out, open it up. I didn't have to disconnect anymore wires or cut the original wire wraps to do this. It's sealed with some black goop so the lid will not just pop open. Once open you will see this:

The large ring is where the cable stores when the antennae is retracted. This is where I found the rest of my wire. Lifted the ring out and took the remains out. I didn't have any more pieces, but make sure. Lift the inner gears out and look for more lifts right out.

Time to reassemble. Put everything back and button it up. The center screw with the nut is the biggest pain in the ass part (not that bad). The nut drops in the backside, when seated right, it will hold itself in place so you can screw it back in the other side without using a socket. I used a screwdriver to hold the nut in until I could get the screw threaded in. Tighten everything up. Wedge the hole assembly back in the fender well and remount everything.

You will need another person for this part. My 10 year old daughter was very helpful here. Put the rubber grommet back in the hole, PUT THE RETAINER RING ON YOUR NEW ANTENNAE BEFORE INSTALL. Make sure it's on the right way (up from the cord end, threads down). Turn on stereo and run antennae all the way up. Put antennae cord in until it stops THREADS TOWARDS REAR OF VEHICLE and run the antennae button down while feeding cable in. Mine got about 3 inches from all the way in. I stuffed the antennae in the hole and hand tightened the retainer ring. Run antenna back up, then turn the stereo off. Should thread all the way back down now. Turn stereo back on and make sure everything works. I didn't have any problems. Tighten retainer ring and your done.

Tell wife what you did...BE A BIG HERO!

Over all took me an hour it's a :banana: job.

Remains of my antennae

Part number

Good luck, hope this helps

I've noticed over the past 2 or 3 years that the antenna is frequently busted on used vehicles and this is one of the first questions newbies ask on the various 80s lists. Your write up is the first one to include pictures.

Everyone should note that Scott's write up is for '97 models with the plastic gear mechanism. Earlier models are a little different on the mast and the repair parts carry a different part number.

Nice job Scott!

The dealer code on the pick tag is wrong............ :mad:

It's supposed to be 30034 :rolleyes:

[quote author=Gumby link=board=2;threadid=5760;start=msg45717#msg45717 date=1064803394]
If you don't mind, I'll let Woody know this is a good piece to add to the tech section.

Thanks Gumby, that's would be cool. Not sure about the pics, I can't host them forever :-\

Dan---Don't know what to tell you about the part number mix-up, that is what the dealer gave me :slap:
Dealer code 30034 is C-Dan.
In other words, you didn't help feed his dogs.
[quote author=Beowulf link=board=2;threadid=5760;start=msg45726#msg45726 date=1064805867]
Dealer code 30034 is C-Dan.
In other words, you didn't help feed his dogs.


Yeah, I know :-[ :doh:
In my defense, I have recently asked Dan about some parts. He will be getting business from me in the future :D
C-Dan is kewl about it... I promise! He just pokes fun at those with a good sense of humour and only a gentle poke at that.

I tend to use the big board upside the head approach.
I gotcha Beo, I'll remember to duck when I see you coming ;)

I figured this fix was worth a few pics. Lots of talk on here about these antennaes breaking lately. With the dealer wanting $300+ to fix it, figured a few pics and a short write up might be worth it.

sorry about the stupid question....when does the antenna suppose go up/down automatically? Since mine only works manually with the PBs I'd appreciate this info.

It's supposed to go up and down when you turn the stereo on/off. You should also be able to move it up/down with the control switches on the dash.
I'll describe the way the OEM radio/power antenna works on a '97.

The power antenna can be raised or lowered using the dash buttons when the radio is on. The antenna automatically retracts when a tape or CD is inserted and if the radio is turned off or the ignition is turned off.

When the radio is on, you can set the return position of the antenna with the dash buttons. I keep mine up about 2/3 way; just about roof height. When the radio is turned off the antenna retracts completely into the fender. When the radio is turned back on the antenna returns to the 2/3 position.

:slap: Details, details

The factory antennae control switch is located approximately 20 degrees nnw from top dead center of your vehicle stabilizer/control unit (aka steering wheel) directly below the primary exhaust vent of the cabin's temperature control system. Depressing this switch when the vehicles audio system is activated will... :flipoff2:

Board upside head...thanks Beo :D
I didn't post to one-up your post... we "overlapped" and even though I type really, really fast, we still overlapped.
[quote author=Beowulf link=board=2;threadid=5760;start=msg45945#msg45945 date=1064868229]
I didn't post to one-up your post... we "overlapped" and even though I type really, really fast, we still overlapped.


Just giving ya chit :flipoff2: :D
Thanks guys. Damn, I guess my antenna lost its "automatic" feature. No biggy, I can live without it. Although I'd prefer that it retracts all the way down so that the tip of the antenna is flushed with the body. I'll need to work on that I guess.

'97 is the only year 80 that behaves like that. 96 and back are manual power antennas (IE uppy downy only by the antenna switch). All LX450's have the later style antenna.
Thanks Dan.
>> ... manual power antennas <<

Perfect example of an oxymoron.

Actually I knew that and was just waiting for C-Dan or someone to point out yet another reason the prospective Land Cruiser buyer should start by looking for a really good '97


Others have said (and I fully agree) that the 80 Series were clearly expected to be taken off-road by the brilliant designers. And our fully retractable antennas are proof positive.

>>Others have said (and I fully agree) that the 80 Series were clearly expected to be taken off-road by the brilliant designers. And our fully retractable antennas are proof positive.<<

I concur with that statement. Last night I was underneath the front end area doing the shock replacement and I had a long hard look at how things are arranged. The steering components are tucked up high and tight and the shock nuts are easily accessible. Very nice design indeed. Shortly thereafter I proceeded to take nap on my creepy until the wife dragged me out and told me to go to bed :mad: The panhard rod sure does a twisty number on the passenger side though!


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