Antenna Mast Replacement: Addendum to Instuctions

Mar 28, 2003
Somewhere in NJ
I just finished putting the new antenna mast on my truck. The instructions in the tech section are a real big help. But one of the great understatements in those instructions is the PIA it is to replace that aluminum bolt that holds the mast motor braket once you're done with removing the old bit 'o plastic.

You have to be quadruple-jointed to get one hand in to hold the motor, and another hand coming from some other ethereal location to fit the bolt. And can't see if the hole is lined up with the bracket, so it's all a guess ???. I don't know how others have done this, but after playing with this for about 45 minutes, I gave up and solved it a different way:

While the motor was out of the fender (I had to pull it out again, but if you're doing this the first time you can do it all at once), I ran a bolt with a lock washer from behind the bracket, so that the bracket now had a "stud" on it. This fit back very easily into the fender, and now was very easy to fit a nut with washer onto. Took all of five minutes.

Hope this saves someone else's sanity on a Saturday afternoon.


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