Antenna Mast Question 1991 FJ80

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Nov 21, 2017
Two weeks ago I purchased a 1991 FJ80. I’m going through the usual new purchase PM and I was able to remove the broken mast (metal part) from the antenna but I cannot get the nylon cord out. I have been able to get it 99% out by having my wife press the Up bottom while I pulled on the nylon cable. Now I have the cable hanging out of the fender the motor clicks but the cable won’t pull out any more and I’m afraid i will break the cable. How should I proceed?

Earlier models do not remove or install like the later ones by simply pulling out while someone is extending or installing while lowering. The mast cables are attached to a hub inside the assembly. You will have to unbolt the assembly located inside the fender, remove the cover and unwind and rewind there. It's a pita. You might use the search function, I know there are write-ups and pics about this.
I did the Taco whip mod to my 3rd gen 4Runner and really like it but I would love for the antenna buttons to work since it’s kind of unusual to have manually controlled power antenna.

If I did the taco whip mod what could I use the buttons for?

Has anyone successfully used them to control a different accessory?
Thanks for the information I'm going to see if i can get the power antenna working. I'm working on getting the replacement mast and I will have to get the antenna motor disassembled. I cannot seem to find a discussion on the wear items inside the power antenna assembly. What should I look out for when I have it disassembled? what type of wear / damage would indicate the power antenna would not work with a replacement mast?

If i cannot get it to work I am going to mount a CB antenna and use the Firestik matchmaker adapter as I already have one of those from a previous build.

Where would be a good place to find the wiring diagram for the antenna? I would like to see how the Up/ Down antenna switches are wired up.
The FSM has all the electrical information you need.

I don't have a '91 manual, this is from the '90 (but it should be close):

Since I don't know what options you have, here's the US standard 9 speaker w/ tape/CD:
The only advice you really need is: DO NOT remove the motor if it works. The brushes are a PITA to reinstall once you remove the motor from the drum. You can check continuity and power to the motor to verify that it works. If it does, do yourself a favor and don't remove the motor from the drum. (I said that already, right?)

The motor turns a small gear which turns a larger one at the bottom of the mast band drum. It's a very simple design.

That said, the mast repair kit (OEM) has everything in it you need. You can still get a complete OEM replacement (unlike those of use with toothed belt models).

Unfortunately, this is one (of two) repair items I'm aware of which are not in the FSM. The other is the fuel filter replacement. I may have a write up on my last repair. I'll look and if I find it, I'll post a link here. Others have documented this very well; you should be able to (Google: IH8MUD forum 80 antenna repair) search for it and find something useful.
There are many cruiser dedicated salvage yards. You can also find parts there. That may be convenient, if one is close to you.
Malleus - What a wealth of information! Thank you.

Since you brought up the Factory service Manual (FSM). where is the best place to get one? I see them on eBay for between $100-$200.

I was not able to get the owners manual from the dealership, or Toyota Publications.
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I bought the Tundra whip and mast. Will see how it goes and report pics, etc if well. May be a good time to do a snorkel :)
Why not get rid of that power antenna, and go with a factory Toyota 80 series manual antenna.
Genuine Toyota

Antenna With Holder
Antenna with holder (manual, non-powered) for 80-series vehicles. Price shown is for a new genuine Toyota part. (Used, refinished, rebuilt/remanufactured, and aftermarket options may also be...

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I didn't know the manual antenna was an option. who knew there were so many choices for antennas on the 80 series.
I'm picking up my new mast and whip today - they are fixed aka "manual" - will see how it works :)
Very Curious to know how the solid taco antenna worked out, I would like to do the same mod (which I did on my 4Runner and I like it!)

Well - I got the Tundra mount it was NOT RIGHT at all. Much more rounded base - will not work.

I do have the Tundra/Taco whip, still.

I ended up moving and still haven't "recovered" with regards to working on the LX - lot to do there :( :)

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