Another year another Toyota- 87 4runner $2500

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United States
in Philadelphia, 238,000 miles. Well, i randomly bought a Tacoma last month. 07 Low miles 4 cylinder for real cheap.

The wife says i can only have one truck at a time, so I am regretfully selling my 4runner. This is a feeler post as i want to fix a couple things first- it needs cold start valve, I bought some new $$$brake lines, and i want to put those on. The rear window is also out and non-functioning.

Pictures will be forthcoming.

Stock, with Downey header, upgraded brake master, OEM reman calipers, new clutch, e-brake system. Kennesaw mountain rear bumper, with spare tire mount, high lift mount, 2' hitch, and jerry can holder.

One step epoxy paint, to cover what looks to be pitting in the roof (PO). a dent in the tailgate and one on the rear pass 1/4 panel. I think the synchros need to be replaced in the trans. It is hard to get into first occasionally.

I bought this truck off e-bay for $2500. I flew to North Carolina and drove it back to Philadelphia with no issues at all.

Inspected, insured, registered, title in my hand in my name.

It ain't perfect, but i love it.

These are before i added the rear bumper. Price is negotiable. I paid $2500, and fixed quite abit, but that was then. I'll get current pics as soon as the weather breaks around here.

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